A Message Sent With WhatsApp’s New Feature Can Be Searched On Google


The developer team, which has updated the Android beta version of WhatsApp, has revealed a new feature to be implemented. This feature, which appears in the new beta version, adds a new search button to the chat screen.

WhatsApp, the most popular instant messaging application in the world, recently got the dark mode feature. For some time, users on both Android and iOS platforms have been able to experience the dark mode of WhatsApp. However, the launch of dark mode did not affect WhatsApp developers, and the team continues to work on new features.

As of today, WhatsApp developers have updated the Android beta version of the mobile app and upgraded the app version to 2.20.94. This upgrade also unearthed a feature that is likely to be available shortly. According to the new feature, WhatsApp will be able to connect directly to Google in the future.

The new beta version offered by WhatsApp developers for the Android platform adds a new call button to the chat screen in the app. This button is right next to a message sent to you. If you want to make an internet call about a message sent to you, you also tap this button. WhatsApp, which shows a warning over this touch, asks if you want to search for the content in question on Google.

In fact, WhatsApp had included such a feature in a beta version it released about a year ago. However, this feature worked for images, not for messages. This feature, which remained in the beta version of WhatsApp for a while, disappeared before it was released to the stable version. WhatsApp seems to have revised this feature for messages at the end of a year.


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