Message on WhatsApp alerts about new PIX scam


WhatsApp: In recent days, a message has started circulating on WhatsApp detailing a possible new scam. According to the text, scammers use the PIX service to try to deceive victims.

The scam starts when the scammer triggers someone else through the app saying he made a mistake and made a scheduled payment to the victim’s account. Because of this, the criminal asks the person who supposedly received the amount to return the amount.

“My colleague was so upset at the time due to the person’s despair that she almost transferred, but I’m glad we were with her, because there was a big detail: the PIX scheduled for the 15th, in this case, it was going to fall today (sic)”, says part of the message circulating on WhatsApp.

According to the publication that went viral, they asked the possible victim to wait for the money to actually fall into the account, which didn’t happen until the end of the day. In the end, the alleged scammer still blocked the victim on WhatsApp.


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