Message Like Confession From Craig Wright: Is It Mt Gox Hacker?


Craig Wright may be behind the Mt.Gox attack that took place years ago .

The Mt.Gox stock exchange, which was taken over by Mark Karpeles in 2011, was once the largest stock market in the industry. The stock market had grown so far that 70% of Bitcoin transactions made worldwide in 2013 were through Mt.Gox . The hacking attack in 2014 changed everything. Hackers sneaked into Mt.Gox’s wallet and stole 740 thousand Bitcoins of customers. In addition, hackers have stolen around 100,000 Bitcoins directly owned by the company. 80,000 of the stolen BTCs were sent to an address currently called 1Fex . When we look at the 1Fex address, we can see that there are almost 80 thousand BTCs at this address and that these BTCs are not used in any way.

This attack on the Mt.Gox exchange is one of the biggest mysteries of the cryptocurrency world. Because there are so many claims about exactly how this happened, by who (s). Some say that the basics of this attack were actually laid in 2011, and hackers had been waiting for 3 years to make this emphasis. Some argue that the attack may have been linked to Mark Karpeles.

Connection with Wright

A new one has now been added to the claims of the Mt.Gox attack. Current claims indicate that the Mt.Gox attack was organized by Craig Wright ( claiming Satoshi Nakamoto himself).

Craig Wright’s lawyers issued a statement several hours ago addressing Bitcoin users. According to the claims of the law firm SCA Ontier, the 1Fex address we mentioned above was actually Wright’s personal address.

According to lawyers’ claims, this address was under Wright’s control until February 2020. But a group of hackers sneaked into Wright’s computer in February 2020 and seized the wallet. Lawyers now call Blockstream and say that the real owner of this address is Wright, and the address should be returned to Wright.

Is Wright Hacked?

If these claims are true, that is, if the owner of the 1Fex address is really Wright, it means that Wright is behind the Mt.Gox attack.

Riccardo Spagni, one of the developers of Monero, made a statement on the subject and said that 1Fex address was really connected with the Mt.Gox attack. According to Spagni, Wright officially admitted that he was carrying out the Mt.Gox attack.

According to allegations, Craig Wright made a statement on this subject and admitted that he was behind this attack.


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