Message to Fraudsters from Ripple CEO


Brad Garlinghouse is currently CEO of one of the world’s largest blockchain companies, Ripple. Many scammers imitate Garlinghouse and use his name to defraud people.

A similar situation was recently seen on YouTube. A scammer on YouTube was trying to defraud people in the videos he shared under the name of Brad Garlinghouse. This fraudster was trying to imitate Garlinghouse and attract people to an airdrop.

Message to Fraudsters
Brad Garlinghouse recently made a statement about this channel on YouTube. Expressing that he is tired of seeing things like this, Garlinghouse stressed that it is time to ask the fraudsters.

Reminding that such scams are seen especially on social media platforms such as YouTube, Garlinghouse called these platforms to be more careful against such fake accounts. Garlinghouse also stated that he and the Ripple administration will not distribute money to people from platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter:

What Comes From Hand?
We do not know how to prevent such frauds that we encounter in the crypto money world. Names like Brad Garlinghouse don’t have the opportunity to close or detect fake accounts on their own.

The number of fake accounts, especially on social media platforms like YouTube, continues to grow rapidly. We think that the best thing to do right now is to learn how to avoid these scams. So, everyone needs to take their own precaution…


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