Merry Christmas! See 9 Appearances Of Santa Claus In Games


Games: There’s no doubt about it: whenever Christmas approaches, it’s common to see Santa Claus parading up and down in different places. This being a well-known figure worldwide, it was to be expected that he would also show his face in some games — and that’s exactly what the Voxel team remembers in this special end-of-year list.

In old games or in some not so old ones, check out below some of the appearances of the good old man in the worlds of electronic games:

1. Secret of Mana

Perhaps some were taken by surprise when, in the midst of their wanderings in this RPG for Super Nintendo, they saw that Santa Claus had turned into an evil figure. Well, at least not forever, since after the battle with Frost Gigas we found out that he was, in fact, the lord in red robes. The reason he turned into someone so mean? The fact that children no longer believe in him, it is up to the trio of protagonists to bring him back to his normal form.

2. Dead Rising 4

And since we’re talking about a game where the good old man became the boss, here’s another situation in which he ended up taking a meaner side. In Capcom’s zombie slaying game, he appears as a rather dangerous figure, carrying an ax capable of making anyone think they’ve joined the bad people list to get something far worse than a simple pierced sock.

3. Ragnarok Online

Let’s leave the meanness aside and try to introduce one of the most classic figures of Christmas to his kind and friendly state. In Ragnarok Online, the town of Lutie maintains the magic of that festive period daily, and any player who manages to make a trip to that area can find the red-robed lord at his home — a tour that was made even more interesting by the days before. the last big party of the year.

4. Toejam & Earl

Here’s another game in which Santa Claus is at peace with life. As we’re led to believe, in this Mega Drive game he manages to give the lead duo some presents, and the number could be even higher if a Christmas icon is found. Of course, not everything given by him is extremely useful, but we’re talking about gifts from the good old man, so who cares?

5. Clayfighter 63 1/3

Let’s go back to talking about somewhat meaner versions of Santa Claus. In the fighting title for Nintendo 64, he was transformed into Sumo Santa, a variation much fatter than the conventional one and capable of handing out several smacks to anyone who gets in his way.

6. Shenmue

Anyone who ventured into Shenmue will surely remember seeing Santa Claus during his wanderings. In fact, it is exactly during a walk near the port that this happens, as he has no sleigh or reindeer to guide him in Asian lands.

7. Kingdom Hearts 2

Another title in which the good old man makes a special appearance. While wandering around Halloween Town, Sora, Goofy, and Donald can meet Santa Claus himself with all the features we’ve been led to believe in childhood — even though Jack ends up describing you, somewhat inadvertently, as Sandy Claws (and even where to us). apparently, he doesn’t have any claws, and this is something that ends up confusing the trio of protagonists a little at times).

8. Bully: Scholarship Edition

Rockstar isn’t usually extremely straight-laced in many of their games, so it was to be expected that the version of Santa Claus found by Jimmy in this game wouldn’t be far behind. After all, where else would the red-robed character be portrayed as a drunk and ask a boy to do some dirty work for him?

9. Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko

Finally, we close our list with yet another evil version of the gentleman who visits children every Christmas. Here, the protagonist is invited to face Evil Santa in a fight that does not require a very high degree of dedication, since for many this apparition is not even considered a boss. However, it’s still nice to show these evil versions that, regardless of the game or period of history, Santa Claus should be kind to anyone who crosses his path, human or not.