Merry Christmas and a healthy New Year!


There are almost 92 million users belonging to the TudoCelular family, counted from the first day of the year until this Christmas Eve. To all of you our thanks and wish to celebrate with great health and, as far as possible, close to all your loved ones.

We are ending a difficult year around the world due to a pandemic, but it is also possible to realize that we have reinvented ourselves to overcome adversity and continue fighting for life. Major brands have avoided events with agglomerations, but have not stopped evolving products and presenting them so that we have better solutions that shorten distances (in a safe way).

This must be a time to use technology in a very positive way to preserve lives. Make video, audio calls, review the remarkable moments you have ever lived with loved ones on your TV or cell phone screen and be filled with hope for a much better 2021, in which you can again hug, kiss, celebrate with family and friends, without fear.

And to close, I leave you with a compilation of special videos produced by big names in the world of technology for this Christmas spirit. (if you are not familiar with English, in the narrated videos it is possible to activate the subtitles with automatic translation from Youtube – it helps a lot and is worth it)


LG made a beautiful review of life within each home, with its difficulties and victories. It’s a year that will really be remembered for a long time


Seeking to show that it is possible to find fun even in isolation, Microsoft created a beautiful video imagining “a dog’s dream”.


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