Meripodcast Season 13 Final: Until next time!


The two Meripodcast teams roll the blind and prepare to rest and gather strength for an upcoming season that promises to be exciting.

The Meripodcast completes its thirteenth season and it is time to close, rest and gather strength for a new season that promises to be exciting, with the arrival of new platforms and highly anticipated games such as Cyberpunk 2077, the new Assassin’s Creed , Halo Infinite and other big names that will center the debate in the coming months.

In this program, where we bring together the two groups that have made the Meripodcast this season, we look back at what the season has been, we review the most significant personal moments and we talk about what we most hope for the next season, with the eye especially put on PS5 and Xbox Series X and on what the new generation will mean at all levels.

But above all, we want to take advantage of this space to thank you, once again, for having accompanied us on this long journey of the program, which completes 13 years on “antenna” despite the difficulties, thanks to the generosity of some members who do it for love of art and the loyalty of listeners who have not stopped transmitting the affection and memories generated by a program with so many seasons behind them and with which many have grown -to the point that we already have listeners who now they are part of the program! -. It is thanks to the selfless effort of some and the continued affection of others that the program is kept alive and we trust that it will continue to be for years to come.

With nothing more to add, I wish you all a good summer, an excellent vacation to those of you who have these days and good health in these strange times that we have had to live.


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