MeriPodcast 14×25: PS Store closures and digital E3 2021


MeriPodcast: We return one more week with all the news about the video game. From Sony stores to the first details of the confirmed E3 2021.The MeriPodcast is here. After the phenomenal review of our retro companions to the 20 years of Game Boy Advance, the news of the video game returns with news that focuses on this 14×25.

On the one hand, in the current block we begin with the shortage of semiconductors, which directly affects the stock of both PS5 and Xbox Series. We continue with the news for this month of April in Xbox Game Pass, which is not exactly short, and we finish everything related to today with the first confirmed details of E3 2021, which will be digitally.

Nintendo, Xbox, Ubisoft, Warner and more companies have confirmed their participation in the event, which will take place between June 12 and 15 this year. Will we have an Xbox Game Showcase and Nintendo Direct? Soon we will know more details.

First details of E3 2021 and PS Store closure of old PlayStation

In the debate we related what really closes in the next few months in the PS Store. We discuss Sony’s controversial decision to shut down the PS3, PS Vita and PSP digital game purchase portals as well as the effect this measure has on preservation. A total of 138 games cannot be purchased in any way.

Finally, it is the turn of what we are playing. Easter has given much of itself, and that has led us to complete a few games that we had pending. Narita Boy, some classic Mega Man, Monster Hunter Rise …

Join Arashi, Paula, Borja, Alejandro and Sergio Carlos in this program. See you in a couple of weeks with the latest news. What surprises will we find in a few days? Next week it’s the retro team’s turn.

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