Mercedes Recalls 750,000 Vehicles Due to Serious Problem


Mercedes has decided to recall about 750,000 vehicles due to a major problem with the sunroof. Mercedes makes a habit of recalling vehicles, starting from February 14 will contact the car owners.

The German automotive giant Mercedes-Benz has decided to recall nearly 750,000 vehicles. Mercedes, the roof of the sunroof and the roof of the connection of the car to break off the risk of throwing the road and therefore decided to recall the vehicles, he said. Among the recalled Mercedes vehicles are the C-Class, E-Class, CLK-Class and CLS-Class models produced from 2001 to 2011.

Mercedes, 14 February will contact users.


International Road Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), which offers the option of sunroof Mercedes branded vehicles used in time to wear the port and the sunroof can be separated from the car to the road, he says. In the statements made, Mercedes will contact the affected car owners after February 14, 2020, and after the examinations made on the vehicle, the necessary changes will be made without any charge.

Mercedes recently faced a $ 20 million fine due to faulty ‘car recall’ decisions.


The procedure followed by the German automotive giant Mercedes-Benz, which proves itself with the high-end cars it produces, has become quite controversial. The International Road Traffic Safety Administration says Mercedes has made a lot of mistakes in its decision to recall cars. Mercedes, the errors in the cars produced by the car owners had already become a matter of debate with the late transmission. However, recent statements revealed that Mercedes made 101 recalls last year and 40% of this number was incorrect.

In addition, it was found that Mercedes did not notify the International Road Traffic Safety Administration of most vehicles recalled. Mercedes, as a result of a penalty of $ 13 million found. If the German automotive giant does not revise its car recall policy and make the necessary arrangements, it could face another $ 7 million sentence in the next two years. In total, the risk of facing a penalty of $ 20 million Mercedes, now for $ 13 million was willing to pay the penalty. We will see the future of Mercedes together.

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