Mercedes participated in the logo collection!


We live in an unprecedented year, as all the countries in the world are almost locked. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the simplest and most powerful way to prevent the spread of Corona virus is social distance, staying at home and avoiding crowds.

Until about a month ago, no one was talking about social distance properly. Now, as Corona virus measures increase regulations to keep people apart, this pattern has been spoken by more and more people, and this is not just a trend for our country. After all, the Corona virus pandemic, which covers the whole world, does not care about the limits.

Mercedes logo changed after Audi and Volkswagen
German carmaker Audi and Volkswagen took action to support social distance practices and changed their logos. Mercedes Benz joined the furry with the same purpose. Mercedes-Benz is one of the last brands to join the social distance logo trend. The automaker uploaded the revised version of its logo to Facebook on Monday. Volkswagen de Corona uploaded the video about the logo that it adapted to the virus a week ago. Audi posted its short video on Facebook on March 20.

Mercedes star shrinks
Luxury car giant Mercedes Benz slightly reduced the size of the iconic three-pointed star. So there was some distance between the star and the ring around it.

Mercedes-Benz thanked everyone for keeping the distance. Then, “We can successfully fight the virus by acting together and by using the #EvdeKal measure. Special thanks to our colleague Marcel Hobrath for creating this logo! ” said.


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