Mercedes-Benz, New Infotainment System Hyperscreen


German automaker Mercedes-Benz introduced the new entertainment and information system Hyperscreen to be used on the electric car model EQS. Hyperscreen, which stands out with its huge dimensions, draws attention to working with artificial intelligence.

German automaker Mercedes-Benz unveiled its infotainment system called MBUX at the CES Fair held in 2018. 3 years after the release date, MBUX has been completely renewed and this time it is called Hyperscreen.

This system, designed for the EQS model vehicle, which will be one of the most important electric cars of Mercedes-Benz and will start mass production towards the end of 2021, will also be used in the electric models of the S series in the future. Hyperscreen appears as a highly interesting and advanced technology system with its huge screens and artificial intelligence.

Hyperscreen, exactly 56 inches in size

The first screen appears as a cockpit-oriented digital instrument panel. All detailed information about driving and vehicle can be accessed through this panel. Next to the digital panel is the entertainment system. Via this screen, access to navigation, phone and sound settings is provided. Multimedia connections are made through this screen.

The last screen is designed only for the passenger who will be next to the driver. While the passenger in the side seat can control settings such as media and radio thanks to this screen, the screen changes to a galaxy view with an extremely stylish design when not in use.

Extremely stylish and utopian air conditioning vents are placed on both sides of the digital display. Mercedes-Benz says these air vents “connect the analog world to the digital world”. The company underlines that this huge glass panel surrounding Hyperscreen has developed at temperatures higher than 650 degrees Celsius, and the glass has passed serious crash tests.

Hyperscreen provides convenience to the driver thanks to artificial intelligence
The most important features that make Hyperscreen stand out are that it is fully customizable and works with artificial intelligence technology. Artificial intelligence works together with the automatic suspension in the EQS model. The EQS automatically adjusts the ground clearance on uneven roads, minimizing the damage to the vehicle.

Hyperscreen, which can operate with the “Hey Mercedes” voice command, is designed to provide comfort to the driver in daily use. For example, if you leave work and call a specific person on the phone every Tuesday, thanks to artificial intelligence, Hyperscreen will remind the driver to call the same person the moment he leaves work.

The serial production of the EQS model electric vehicle with Hyperscreen will begin towards the end of 2021. Thus, we will begin to see Hyperscreen first in 2022. According to some information, Mercedes-Benz will start using the Hyperscreen in the next electric S models and the SUV models they are working on.


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