Mercedes-Benz Launches Direct Home Delivery Car Sales Service in Germany

Automobile giant Mercedes-Benz has just started online car sales service in Germany. Vehicles purchased from Mercedes-Benz’s online store are delivered free of charge to the address of the buyer, just like a standard online shop.

We are all used to shopping online through shopping sites. Many things that are needed now are purchased from online stores. The new service launched by Mercedes-Benz adds another dimension to online shopping.

Mercedes-Benz recently launched an online car sales service in the German market. Vehicles purchased from Mercedes-Benz’s website are delivered directly to the buyer’s home by the company. This service of Mercedes-Benz, which is offered only in Germany, has also started to be used widely by people.

400,000 people have visited the online store of Mercedes-Benz since December 2019. People who buy a Mercedes-Benz vehicle using the online store can ensure that their vehicles are delivered to the address they want. Delivery of the vehicles to the houses is provided by Mercedes-Benz free of charge.

A bright future awaits online car sales
Like other car manufacturers, Mercedes-Benz thinks that online car sales have a bright future. The automobile giant expects 25 percent of all sales to go online by 2025.

In these days when people try to minimize contact with each other due to the coronavirus epidemic, the contactless vehicle delivery industry continues to grow. The vehicles are delivered directly to the owner by officers wearing protective clothing. The purchased vehicle is disinfected with 70 percent isopropyl alcohol disinfectant before delivery.

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