Mercedes-Benz and Tony Hawk Reveal Minivan With Electric Longboard


Mercedes-Benz: Legendary skater Tony Hawk was the poster boy for the Mercedes-Benz Concept EQT, the German electric car’s new electric minivan. Highlighted, the concept model features a futuristic electric longboard.

Published on social media, the commercial shows Hawk riding on the longboard until a neighbor asks why he decided to switch to an electric model. Then, the sportsman responds by having his motives before the vehicle is revealed.

The Concept EQT is one of the automaker’s models that begins its transition to electric vehicles. According to the press presentation, the vehicle is a minivan for “families, sports fans and other recreational activities”.

As seen in the commercial, the model has a space in the trunk that connects to the electric longboard. That way, the driver will always have the skateboard with the full battery for use.

Inside, the concept vehicle has space for up to seven seats. In addition to sliding doors and a large luggage compartment, it features a modern entertainment panel with the MBUX system – own by the German brand.

Although it was presented to the public, the Concept EQT is not ready for large-scale production. Likewise, there is no information about the availability of the electric longboard manufactured by Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes-Benz Luxury Tram Line

The Concept EQT may not reach the public, but Mercedes-Benz is preparing two major electric launches for 2022. In the first tests, the EQS had positive reviews that highlight the luxury finish and the 55-inch touchscreen.

In addition to a combustion engine version, the T-Class minivan will also have a fully electric model next year. According to the automaker, some aspects of the Concept EQT will be applied to the vehicle with zero pollutant emissions.


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