Mercedes-AMG Showed the GT 73 Model with a Surprise Video


Mercedes-AMG, a subsidiary of Mercedes-Benz, which produces high-performance vehicles, shared a video celebrating this year as it approaches the end of 2019. At the end of the video, the German company also introduced the highly anticipated new Mercedes-AMG GT 73.

Headquartered in Germany, Mercedes-AMG first worked as an independent engineering company and developed Mercedes-Benz’s vehicles in a performance-oriented way. The company, which operated in this way from 1967 to 1999, was acquired by Daimler AG, which later became the owner of Mercedes-Benz and one of the leading companies in the German automotive industry.

The company, which now owns its own brand and produces its own vehicles independently under the Mercedes-Benz AMG brand, develops more performance models than Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes-AMG, which introduced AMG GT concept car in recent years and gained much attention and appreciation, showed the GT 73, which will be the production version of this car, to its fans at the end of the year in a thank-you video.

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Mercedes-AMG shared the name of everyone in the team by passing the video thanked all of them in a single video. Mercedes-AMG made a great gesture for the team of employees, fans did not miss the end of the video gave an image. The Mercedes-AMG GT 73 model, which has been known to have worked on Mercedes-AMG for a long time and is quite awaited by fans, came out with the article “We define the future of performance” at the end of the video shared by the company.

Mercedes-AMG’in shared with the video that emerged in the GT 73 model, the AMG GT concept is described as the release version. According to reports, the GT 73 will be powered by a dual-turbo 4.0-liter V8 engine. The difference of the new model is that it has an electric motor on the rear axle to get extra power.

The 800-horsepower GT 73 will come with a 9-speed transmission. The GT 73 will be equipped with advanced four-wheel drive technology, which can reach a top speed of 100 kilometers per hour in just two seconds with the power provided by its electric motor. It is not known exactly when the car will be launched, but it is planned to arrive in 2020.

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