Mercado Livre now has its own fleet of cargo planes


MELI Air is the fleet of four planes that Mercado Livre, the largest e-commerce and financial services platform in Latin America, will use to streamline product deliveries. The novelty arrives in time for Black Friday – the event is one of the hopes of the trade for the recovery of losses suffered due to the pandemic of covid-19.

Operated by different airlines, the aircraft will transport the products stored in the distribution centers of São Paulo (Louveira and Cajamar) and Bahia (Lauro de Freitas) throughout the week – including Saturdays and Sundays. The largest aircraft is a Boeing 737-400F, in charge of Sideral Linhas Aéreas.

“We want to have the best logistics in Brazil and increase the number of deliveries the next day. The consistent and robust expansion of our logistics network is decisive for maintaining the excellence of service and satisfaction of the final consumer – both sellers and buyers ”, said, in a statement, the vice president of Mercado Envios (logistic arm of the company), Leandro Bassoi.

In the footsteps of Amazon

In addition to MELI Air and the new distribution center in Bahia, the Free Market plans to expand its logistics network include investments of around R $ 4 billion, only in Brazil. The value is justified by the expansion of e-commerce sales due to the pandemic, mainly from competitors such as Magazine Luiza and Via Varejo (parent company of Casas Bahia and Pontofrio).

“In addition to improving the shopping experience in Brazil, we hope that the initiative will contribute to increasing the brand’s visual recognition associated with the attributes of trust and logistical efficiency,” said Bassoi.

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Having its own fleet within the so-called Fulfillment model (the company is responsible for the entire logistics process of the marketplace seller, from product stock to after-sales) is a step in the same direction followed by Amazon, in 2016. The American giant operates Amazon Air with 80 Boeing 767-300 aircraft.


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