Mercado Livre and PayPal announce agreement in Brazil


In an online conference held on the morning of Thursday (30), Mercado Livre and PayPal announced a new partnership for Brazil and Mexico. Now, it will be possible to use the second tool as a form of payment for online purchases in the marketplace or in partners of the first.

In other words, PayPal will become a form of payment both in Mercado Livre itself and Mercado Pago via ckeckout or in payment links. The expectation of the companies is that the new solution will help to increase the number of customers and also facilitate those who are not “banking” at the moment.

International Purchases

In addition, the two companies will also integrate international purchases. For example, a payment via PayPal on foreign websites will have the option to finalize through Mercado Pago.

When closing the purchase, the Mercado Livre tool itself will already give the value in reais, in the case of Brazil. The initiative is valid both for a Brazilian who is in another country, as well as for a foreigner who purchases on Tupiniquim soil.


At first – more specifically until the end of August – the integration with PayPal will be applied only in the web version of Mercado Livre and in the ckeckout or payment link of Mercado Pago.

The companies will only make the new functionality available for applications aimed at mobile devices until the end of the third quarter of this year. According to the vice president of Mercado Pago, Túlio Oliveira, the delay for this platform would be due to technology issues.

It is worth remembering that PayPal had created a loan system for micro and small businesses in Brazil since the end of May.


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