Mercado Livre and Alibaba can buy Correios, says website


The privatization of the Post Office in Brazil should happen in 2021, and several companies are interested in acquiring the postal service that currently belongs to the State.

According to the Coluna Esplanada website, there are currently two interested in the negotiation: the Chinese Alibaba, owner of Aliexpress, and the Argentine company Mercado Livre, a pioneer of electronic commerce in Latin America.

The privatization of Correios has been suggested by the government since the first half of 2019, but the sale process has not yet been formalized. North American Amazon has also been listed with one of the interested companies, but was not mentioned in the Coluna Esplanada note. For now, there is no set deadline for privatization, but it would be close and even generating disputes behind the scenes. The companies cited in the matter have not yet commented on the case.

Cards up your sleeve

In the case of Alibaba, these are years of partnership with the Post Office to send international orders. The offer can be linked “with a major Brazilian partner” not yet disclosed. The Free Market has been operating in Brazil since 1999, has also established several alliances with the state-owned company and has its own distribution and delivery systems.


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