Méqui Friday: Celebrates Black Friday even on WhatsApp


McDonald’s will celebrate Black Friday with its own event, “Méqui Friday”. This year, it is even more technological and accessible to users: the company made service available via WhatsApp, an exclusive platform with news and a hotsite with special information about the date, where the customer can register and receive news by email. .

To encourage the use of its digital channels, McDonald’s will make exclusive offers available over the next two weeks that can be accessed there. On WhatsApp, the brand is found as “Méqui Zap”, launched in August of that year. In it, it is possible to redeem promotions, know the progress of orders, find the nearest stores, among other functions. It is possible to speak to “Méqui Zap” through this link.

Méqui Friday

For more complete information, there is the exclusive platform called Méqui Friday Show, where you can see all available discount coupons and other information in full. For customers who prefer more convenience, these and other offers will also be available on the McDonald’s app for Android and iOS.

Finally, for users who have little time, it will be possible to make only the withdrawal, after ordering and paying for orders directly by digital means with “Méqui Sem Fila”. It can be accessed through the official app of the brand and should help to avoid agglomerations during the pandemic period, due to COVID-19.


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