Mendes and Bieber at the premiere of “Monster”


The premiere of “Monster”, song by singers Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes, has left fans with many feelings.

Shawn Mendes has finally made his dream collaboration with Justin Bieber come true. The hitmaker like “Senorita” released “Monster”, his signature duo single with the singer from “Lonely”, from the upcoming album “Wonder” at midnight on Friday, November 20, and along with it, was his dark and emotional music video.

Directed by Colin Tilley and produced by Jack Winter, the promo for Mendes’ first collaboration with Bieber features the pop star duo singing about their internal battles for fame on a white platform in the middle of the woods. Wearing casual clothes, they bare their emotions as lightning surrounds them.

“You put me on a pedestal and tell me I’m the best / Lift me up to the sky until I’m out of breath,” Mendes starts the melody singing his verse.

“Fill me, yes, with confidence, I say what I have in my chest / Spill my words and tear me to pieces until there is nothing left / Rearrange the pieces so that they fit me with the rest, yes”, he interprets.

One minute on the track, Bieber takes control by sharing his own experience. “I was fifteen when the world put me on a pedestal / I had great dream shows and making memories,” he sings.

“I made some bad moves trying to act calm, annoyed at his jealousy / getting up (getting up), getting up (yeah),” Bieber sings.

Shawn Mendes became a singer thanks to Justin Bieber

Of the single, Mendes previously told Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, “It’s about how society can put celebrities on a pedestal and watch them fall and it seems to be some entertainment. And it’s hard.”

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He then explained about Bieber’s involvement: “And his heart sank deep. And he and I, even yesterday, were on the phone for an hour and had the deepest conversation, I think, about so many things.”

“And it felt really good because it was a full circle moment for me, this guy who was the reason I started singing. I was nine when ‘One Time’ came out, and I was completely involved,” he recalled.

“[Bieber] was Elvis to me. And to go back and have this very human conversation with him and his truth to get into that song and my truth to be there, it feels like one of the most special songs I’ve ever written. The more I listen to it and the more I get into it, it’s not just about celebrities. This is the human experience, “Mendes said.


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