Memory Card: Battletoads; The fighting toads


We review the history of the hooligans toads “made in Rare”. Memory Card returns with a review of the mythical saga of the Stamper brothers starring the most famous toads in the industry. Get on the Juan Arenas time machine, and remember the many and fun (as well as challenging) titles that this great franchise that finally returns more than 25 years later gave of itself.

The fighting toads

And it is that the birth of this group of fierce toads is closely related to the success that other famous green beings enjoyed in those first years of the decade, although those shell at the ready, thanks to their passage through the comic and above all, their jump to the small screen. As the ninja turtles turned everything they touched into gold, including the video games that reached the arcades and the living rooms of the houses of the moment signed by konami, many others wanted to get on the train of cakes and anthropomorphic animals with attempts that , in most cases they stayed at that, animated frustrated attempts (biker images, Street sharks). Everyone? No. Taking advantage of the fact that the video game market was more permeable to receiving similar proposals within the same genre, and that the beatemup had already proven to be the ideal for this type of characters and their adventures, in Rare they had the idea, not too original let’s be sincere, to gestate his own group of reptilian heroes in a title for the NES that would underpin his already proven good work. First announced as a “rumor” in the March 1991 issue of Nintendo Power, the famous magazine dedicated to the machines of the Big N, Battletoads would be shown to the public shortly after at CES in April, to see the light in stores finally on June 1 of that same year. Come on, barely 3 months between announcement and sale, something completely unthinkable today. But it was, and the issue of that month of Nintendo Power that brought the Rare batrachians to its cover, attests to the relevance of the game in the 8-bit catalog at the time of its release.

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Battletoads will be released on August 20 on Xbox and PC

The title was a commitment to unbridled action that moved away from the more linear scheme in its development of other games, such as those of the ninja turtles without going any further, for example, combining brawler-cut phases with other vertical ones and some vertiginous ones in which reflexes and memory were everything to advance. In fact, if that first title in the saga is remembered for something, it is because of its incredible difficulty. Battletoads was difficult, very difficult, but also very fun, especially if you played doubles, and although we could beat our partner by mistake (or not) complicating our adventure even more, fighting together and making our way through its different levels was so rewarding as only the challenging games of yesteryear could be.


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