Memory and History in the Video Game ’is now on sale


Alberto Venegas Ramos, historian and researcher, publishes his new editorial project where he reviews electronic entertainment from a retrospective perspective.

The book ‘Interactive Past. Memory and History in the Video Game ’is already on sale in Spain. Written by the historian and researcher Alberto Venegas Ramos at the hands of the Sans Soleil Ediciones publishing house, they bring to bookstores a volume that covers the video game industry from a historical perspective; from the past to the evolution of the environment and how these changes have led us to the most current present. From MeriStation we have been able to speak with the author to learn more about his new publication.

As defined by the publisher, after analyzing productions such as Red Dead Redemption, Assassin’s Creed or Call of Duty, “this book addresses these and other questions, demonstrating the ability of the medium to analyze our present and understand how we remember the past. A pioneer in the study of videogames, he presents a novel approach to the relationship established between history, memory and their video games ”.

Bound in a rustic format with flaps, the book has 262 pages and is priced at 17.10 euros from the publisher’s website; also available in bookstores across the country. Venegas Ramos offers this medium his vision after months of writing and editing. Now, ‘Interactive Past. Memory and History in the Video Game ’is already a reality.

MeriStation: On the raison d’être of the book: what was your general purpose?

Venegas Ramos: The idea behind this book is twofold, on the one hand it is personal, to gather and structure in a coherent unit all my work done on memory, history and video games in a single work, and on the other hand it is professional, offer an essay, to date the only one in our language on this topic, on a fact that attracts more attention every day, the representation of the past in the video game and its uses

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