Memories of… Super Mario 64, Sunshine


Three games that marked us at the time for what they contributed and that will now return in compilation format for Nintendo Switch.

Super Mario 3D All-Stars is one of the great announcements of this last stretch of 2020. It is, above all, due to the possibility of being able to replay classics that have largely changed our relationship with the platform genre. But there will be time to talk about the compilation. Today we want to collect memories that the three titles evoke: Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy. Why they impacted us and what they contributed to the world of videogames. These are some of the thoughts that remind us of the first three 3D Mario games.

Super Mario 64, a game that marked the way forward (José María Villalobos)

All of us who play regularly treasure unforgettable moments. In my case, I keep precious memories of that magic that emanated from a stick moving up and down at my command! On the black and white TV we had at home. I see my bare feet in a puddle of water, I can almost feel the slight electric shocks that shook my wet body with the Space Invaders arcade from the pool bar. The Game & Watch with its small buttons polished by intensive use. The resplendent shine of Zelda’s golden cartridge and the thousand secrets that it kept inside … Some of those moments, in addition, become epiphanic and come to define us for life, change our previous perception and open the doors wide to a new world. That’s where Mario 64 reigns in my memory.

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After an agonizing wait, the launch of the eternally delayed Nintendo 64 finally arrived. And there I was, leaving the store clutching that precious multicolored box very tightly. The return to the student flat was arduous. Like salmon going up a river, he struggled against a tide of hundreds of young people who headed determinedly to the first spring festival of that long-ago March of 1997. It was the year of Ok Computer, of Homogenic, of The Boatman´ s Call. It was the year of Contac, of Gattaca, of Cube. It was the year of Nintendo 64. At home, shaky and full of emotion, I connected the console to a small TV. I put the Mario 64 cartridge in the slot, raised the Start lever and … nothing was the same again. In that instant, the glorious 16-bit age was behind us and something absolutely new opened up before me. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing on the screen. So much so that I spent a quarter of an hour jumping with Mario through the garden, climbing trees, diving in a small lake … I was so amazed that I did not mind keeping that incredible castle waiting where a thousand and one adventures awaited me.


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