Memories of Idhún on Netflix: how many chapters it has


The new animated series created in Spain and based on the literary work of Laura Gallego arrives on the Netflix platform: all the details of its premiere.

Memories of Idhún, the new animated series based on the homonymous novels by the writer Laura Gallego, comes to Netflix through “the first original Spanish anime series”. Therefore, we offer you a complete guide on what this new animated adaptation has in store for us on such a popular television platform, from the premiere date to the number of episodes, as well as its official synopsis, its premiere trailer and its Netflix poster.

Premiere on Netflix on September 10

Thus, the animated series based on the trilogy of novels by the Valencian author that narrates the adventures of a group of young people destined to change the destiny of Idhún will premiere on Netflix on September 10, 2020, the day on which they will be available the 5 episodes of the first season with Castilian dubbing. In this sense, and after the premiere of the first trailer in our language, Laura Gallego herself expressed her disagreement over the voices chosen for the adaptation with names such as Michelle Jenner (voice of Victoria), Itzan Escamilla (Jack), Sergio Mur (Kirtash ), Carlos Cuevas (Alsan) and Nico Romero (Shail).

Be that as it may, Netflix has already shared the final poster of this first season of Memories of Idhún, a first batch of 5 chapters of 24 minutes each that adapt the first book of the Memories of Idhún trilogy, under the title of La Resistance. These first episodes were directed by Maite Ruiz de Austri, the first filmmaker to direct an anime in Spain and winner of two Goya Awards for Best Animated Film.

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