Memories: new Google Chrome feature gives history a boost


Memories: Anyone who regularly browses Google Chrome knows that sometimes the task of searching for a specific website that we’ve already saved, bookmarked or seen somewhere becomes a bit complicated, even with the History overview, available in the floating menu in upper right corner of the interface.

When you access this option, you will only be able to get a chronological view of all the sites you have visited, regardless of whether the page is already open, or in Favorites. However, a new feature in browser tests promises to take these particularities into account and display them in the form of cards from the websites that have been visited over time.

Called “Memories”, the feature is now available in Google Chrome Canary, the first instance of browser testing, and is part, according to the TechDows website, of the latest version of Chrome 92 in development. The goal is to simplify the presentation information, making the search simpler and easier to identify.

How do I activate the Memories feature now?

Anyone who is curious to test the novelty, must have the latest version of Chrome Canary installed, and know that, since it is a test for now available only for the desktop, inconsistencies may occur. However, Google Chrome has already reserved the “Memories” tag to activate the functionality.

To access, just type chrome: // memories in the address bar. After logging in, you will see a page very similar to the overview of the current history, but totally focused on the search. She recommends a few terms you may be looking for and provides a small selection of your Chrome history. The idea is to provide more relevant results before you need to dive into your browsing history.

According to the description, signage in tests should soon be available for Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS and Android.


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