Memoirs of Garcel Beauvais “Love me the way I am”: 11 revelations about “RHOBH”, her 2 divorces, parenting problems and much more


Spill everything! Garcelle Beauvais has never held back when it comes to sharing her opinion, and her new book “Love Me the Way I Am” is no exception.

“I feel like my whole world is in my hands,” the 55—year-old “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star teased via Instagram in March after receiving a hard copy of the memoir.

Her reality TV colleague and friend Katie Hilton admired Bove’s achievement, commenting: “So proud of you. 💕 🌟 ❤️ 🥰».

However, not everyone from the Bravo series was interested in reading Bove’s memoirs, which tell about her journey from Haiti to New York to become a model before continuing her career in Hollywood.

Erica Jane announced on social media on Sunday, April 10, that she immediately threw her copy of the book in the trash after she caused rumors of a feud with Beauvais earlier this year.

“Garcel, even though you unsubscribed from me, I’m sure you’ll see it,” 50—year-old Jane signed a video about her partner’s new book in the trash in her Instagram story.

“It was something I didn’t like, and it also didn’t fit with who I am,” Bove told Us at the time. “As for me, I want to follow people [when] you see their feed, you want to subscribe to them. You want them to like you. You want to cheer them up, and I just didn’t want to do it. I didn’t want to see it.”

The “Caught in the Web” star teased us that the RHOBH girls’ trip to Aspen, Colorado, earlier this year may have played a role in her breakup with Jane. The escape was “unchained,” Bove said, adding: “That’s all I want to say. I do not know how we pack so many things in three days.”

Although the tension between Beauvais and Jane seems to be at an all-time high, according to the memoirs of Jamie Foxx Show alumni, it hasn’t always been that way. In fact, Beauvais described in detail in the book her first impression of Jane and several other colleagues in the film.

She also talked about her two divorces, three sons, and why becoming the first black RHOBH actor in season 10 of the series was a “calculated risk.”

The album “Love Me the way I am” has already been released. Scroll through to see the most important findings:

Power 3

The NYPD Blue graduate said that the number three played an important role in her life, including the age of all her children when she separated from her fathers. “This number three continues to lurk in the background of my life and appear in unexpected ways,” she wrote. “I had three sons, my dad left my mom when I was 3, I left [my first husband] Danny [Saunders] when Oliver was 3, and now [breaking up with Mike Nealon when the twins were 3].” Bove said she doesn’t “believe in coincidences,” adding that the number continues to “haunt” her.

“RHOBH” was a “calculated risk”

Bove joined the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in 2019, becoming the first black woman in the series. She explained that being a housewife was “just another item to tick off” on her career to-do list.

“For me it was a calculated risk,” the Real Madrid co—host wrote. — I was sure that I could control my narrative a little more. from the mythical stereotype of an angry black woman. If they wanted it, they wouldn’t be looking for me.”

How did she really feel after her first season

The reality star admitted she “felt attacked” during the Season 10 special reunion, which she called “excruciating” compared to the “difficult” filming season. “I was caught off guard by how toxic these ladies can be, especially in such an environment,” she wrote.

Bove recalled seeing her co-stars “scratch and scratch” friend Denise Richards all season, but still wasn’t ready to be the “target” of their remarks during the reunion recording. After seeing how Richards was treated and how her own sense of honesty and trust in the Brave and Beautiful alum returned to her, Beauvais explained that she had learned something new about her friends.

“I found that some of these women used the concept of “honesty” as a weapon. They hide behind the word and pretend to look for it in order to create drama,” she said in her memoirs, insisting that she did not “offend” her colleagues. “I will also not embellish what is painfully obvious to the audience. That damn honesty again!”

She “respected” Erica Jane when they first met

Beauvais sparked rumors of a feud with the “Pretty Mess” singer earlier this year when she unsubscribed from the model and Sutton Strack on social media. However, in her book, she said that her first impression of Eric was much more pleasant.