Meme, Web3 and Metaverse Coin Analysis: Now these 13 are flying!


By the weekend, bitcoin calmed down and stopped just below $45,000. Most altcoins are in a similar position with a small daily gain. Meanwhile, metaverses, memes, and Web 3.0 coin projects are also on the rise. Here are the details…

These metaverse and meme coin projects are on the rise

Looking at the price movement over the past 24 hours, it seems that cryptocurrencies of projects focused on the metaverse area have experienced an uptrend. As we reported on Somanews, the metaverse field gained momentum when Facebook changed its name to “Meta” in the last months of 2021 and said it would focus on the metaverse field. The most valuable coin of the metaverse in the last 24 hours has become the Raido Caca (RACA). RACA added 21.2 percent. DeFi Kingdoms (JEWEL) followed RACA with 11.2%.

Looking at the meme coins, a subclass of cryptocurrencies led by cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin (DOGE), Shiba Inu (SHIB), it seems that Swole Doge (SWOLE) was the coin that grew the most in the last 24 hours. SWOLE has grown by almost 80 percent. HotDoge (HOTDOGE) took second place after SWOLE with 56.7%. Third, IoTexShiba (IOSHIB), known as the first coin meme on the IoTeX network, grew by 39.4%.

YOSHIB was followed by SHIBGF (SHIBGF) with 18.8% and the old HotDoge token with 15.0%. On the other hand, The Doge NFT (DOG) added 11.7%, and Meta Doge (METADOGE) — 9.6%. Finally, the shares of CumRocket (CUMMIES) rose by 8.8%.

Web 3.0 coins have also grown

After the coins of the metaverse and memes, it is also necessary to mention the coins of Web 3.0, which marked a certain half of 2021. Over the past 24 hours, the number of some cryptocurrency money projects focused on web 3.0 and offering important innovations on the Internet has increased. The first of them is the Cere Network (CERE). CERE grew by 16.8%. After CERE, the Octopus Network (OCT) apparently showed an increase of 6.23%. Finally, Arweave (AR) gained 4.36%.