Meme and Metaverse Coin Analysis: These 9 Altcoins Have Jumped!


On February 10, sales that led to 5% losses were seen in the crypto money market after inflation data from the USA. Bitcoin price lost almost $1,800 and rebounded with buyers from the $43,000 region. Today, we are seeing some metaverse coins and meme coins explode, with the overall market holding the last 24-hour losses around 5%.

These 3 metaverse coins hit double-digit gains

It is next in line with the Museum of Crypto Art (MOCA) with 20% performance in the Metaverse coin market. CoinMarketCap and Coinecko do not have any data on MOCA listed on the DEX platform Quickswap. The Museum of Crypto Art auctioned off an NFT collection on February 10. Official Twitter announcement:

Today, MARS4 (MARS4), which is in second place with 14%, is building a Mars-themed virtual world. It also offers a metaverse coin and win-to-play ecosystem where NFT rewards can be earned. A question and answer event was held on Twitch to introduce the metaverse game in the latest developments regarding the project. Apart from that, MARS4’s space-themed ship designs are published and have a highly interactive community on Discord and Twitter.

Third-place Ethernity Chain (ERN) is a community-driven platform that produces a limited edition of authenticated NFTs and digital collectibles created by artists and endorsed by key people. ERN is up 40% on the day, then corrected 30% back to around $6.84. In the latest developments about the project, there is the NFT airdrop of Luka Modrić, the Croatian national football player who plays in Real Madrid, to be published on February 17.

Top rising meme coins on February 11

It is possible to see the 24-hour gains of meme coin projects exceeding 500% after the CoinMarketCap list. However, it is observed with equal frequency that this hype is fading rapidly and holding back all gains.

On the meme coin side, HODL (HODL) is in the first place with its gains over 60% in the last 24 hours. The project aims to hedge volatility in crypto by adding the new cryptocurrency, anti-whale mechanisms and deflationary burning processes to its framework. The second-ranked Vitoge (VITOGE) was up 48% today to reach $0.000000001817. VITOGE is the first community-driven meme token on the Vite network. The latest developments about the project include a token burn event.

Further down the list are Boss (BOSS), Meme Inu (MEME), ShibaPup (SHIBAPUP), and IoTexShiba (IOSHIB). Meme coin projects hit double digits for the last 24 hours of earnings today. The latest developments regarding Meme Inu (MEME) include a community-focused event. You can find the details here: