Meme and Metaverse Coin Analysis: These 9 Altcoins Have Jumped From the Board!


As we reported on Somanews, while Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were moving sideways, some metaverse and meme coin projects experienced the highest rise in the last 24 hours. Here are the details…

These 4 metaverse coins have experienced a huge rise

Looking at the metaverse coins, it seems that the most rising cryptocurrency is Neos Credits (NCR). Neos VR is described as a metaverse designed for the unknown. It is one of the most versatile and feature-rich metaverse resources for virtual reality, designed so that anyone can find something interesting or useful to do in a social setting.

NCR was up 12.6%. On the other hand, Ethereum-based VIBE (VIBE) is 10.6 percent, metaverse-NFT-P2E coin GameX (GMX) is 8.8 percent; Phantasma (SOUL), a fully interoperable, decentralized, feature-rich blockchain, saw an increase of 7.3 percent.

Meme coins also gained momentum

In addition to metaverse coins, some meme coins have also experienced an increase. First of all, Shiba Phantom (SHIBA) experienced an increase of 166.2 percent. In the project’s own words, “The Shiba Phantom is an ever-growing community built on respect, kindness, and philanthropy. Now available to users for 99.9 percent less fees, with near-instant eco-friendly transactions and leveraging the power of Fantom’s Blockchain technology.” On the other hand, Kitty Coin solana (KITTY) gained 51.2%. Built on the Solana network, Kitty Coin says it “takes advantage of super fast and cheap transactions to allow everyone to have a few KITTYs in their wallet.” KITTY became the most bullish coin in the Solana ecosystem.

Jejudoge (JEJUDOGE) based in South Korea and launched in May 2021 was up 12.1%, a community-led DeFi cryptocurrency Boss (BOSS) was up 12%, and IoTexHiba (IOSHIB) was up 11.4 percent. IOSHIB is the first meme coin on the IoTeX Blockchain. It also claims to be one of the top passive income cryptocurrencies to its investors.