Membrane or mechanical keyboard: which is more worth it?


Mechanical keyboards are excellent for gaming. But, is this a rule, or is there too much advertising? What about other activities, what are the advantages that a mechanical keyboard can offer?

Knowing how to choose the best keyboard, according to your needs, is important for you to invest your money in the best possible way. Mechanical keyboards cost more than membrane keyboards. And, between these two types, there are still models of different price ranges. So it is essential that you understand how they work and why there are these peculiarities.

Check below the differences between the membrane keyboards and the mechanical ones.

Membrane keyboard

The membrane keyboard is a common keyboard, which has a rubberized material between the keys and a plate that contains the activation circuits when typing. This rubberized material can be a single membrane or even separate pins.

These models are cheaper because the rubberized material tends to dry out and harden over time, which makes operating the keys more difficult. Obviously, there are some premium models, whose membrane remains soft, even after years of use.

Even so, pressing the keys can be delayed, so they are not suitable for advanced players.

Mechanic keyboard

This type of keyboard has a mechanical device for activating each key instead of coming into contact with a rubberized material. This allows you to offer different types of key switches, more or less indicated, depending on the purpose, which includes one dedicated to gamers.

Professionals who spend a lot of time typing, such as copywriters, writers and programmers, also prefer mechanical keyboards, due to comfort, durability and features such as tactile sensitivity and sound response.

The term “gamer”

The term gamer can accompany any type of keyboard, as long as its goal is to please game fans. Therefore, these models generally have a robust look, colorful LEDs and extra features.

Now that you can understand the differences between mechanical and membrane keyboards, check out some models indicated by our team.

T-Dagger Tanker RGB Keyboard

This gamer keyboard has an American standard, and is optimized for FPS, MOBA and RPG games. For greater durability, it features a braided cable and gold-plated USB connector. There are also 25 keys with anti-ghosting system, 20 multimedia keys, five RGB lighting modes, WASD keys and switchable directional arrows.

Corsair K55 RGB Keyboard

The K55 keyboard is also made of membrane, and brings more than 10 RGB lighting modes, with three specific zones, for greater immersion. Other features include dedicated multimedia keys, smooth keystrokes, anti-ghosting and six programmable macro keys – very useful for triggering specific commands in certain games. It also has a rubberized wrist rest, which can be detached. The default is American.

HyperX Alloy Core RGB Keyboard

A good choice of HyperX membrane keyboard. Full of advanced features, the Alloy Core has water splash resistance, anti-ghosting system, six predefined RGB lighting effects and support for five multicolored zones, silent keys with quick activation and tactile feel, dedicated multimedia keys, keys quick access to control lighting effects and lock mode without having to lock the system. The standard is Brazilian (ABNT2).


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