Members Neil Young and Crazy Horse Have Announced a New Album All Roads Lead Home.


Neil Young and Ralph Molina, Billy Talbot and Nils Lofgren from Crazy Horse have announced a new album.

The quartet is going to release an album called All Roads Lead Home under the pseudonym Molina, Talbot, Lofgren and Young. It will be released on March 31 on Reprise.

The 10-track album, which contains songs written by all four members, originated as a pandemic project for the members of Crazy Horse. Young was brought in to work later, his only credit for writing was a live solo version of “Song Of The Seasons” from Crazy Horse’s album Barn in 2021, which was released simultaneously with this project.

The rest of the Crazy Horse members wrote three songs for the project with different musicians.

The quartet also shared the first taste of the album in the form of the song “You Will Never Know” written by Lofgren. Check it out below:

1. ‘Rain’ (Billy Talbot)
2. ‘You Will Never Know'(Nils Lofgren)
3. ‘It’s Magical’ (Ralph Molina)
4. ‘Song Of The Seasons’ (Neil Young)
5. ‘Cherish’ (Billy Talbot)
6. ‘Fill My Cup’ (Nils Lofgren)
7. ‘Look Through The Eyes Of Your Heart’ (Ralph Molina)
8. ‘The Hunter’ (Billy Talbot)
9. ‘Go With Me’ (Nils Lofgren)
10. ‘Just For You’ (Ralph Molina)

The album appeared on the background of Neil Young and Crazy Horse’s recent project “World Record”, which was released in November. A few months before that, they released “Toast”, a scrapped album recorded back in 2001.

Earlier this week, Young announced his first public appearance since 2019. He will be headlining the sixth edition of the Light Up the Blues charity show at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles on April 22, along with his CSNY bandmate Stephen Stills. The charity show, organized by Stills and his family since 2013, raises money for the Autism-aware nonprofit Autism Speaks.


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