Melting ice in Antarctica could raise sea levels by 20 meters


In the past, our planet has experienced warming episodes. In the Pliocene, for example. Today, a study reveals that the sea level has risen some 20 meters above the current level. From there to deduce that this is what awaits us for the future …

At the Pliocene, about 3 million years ago, CO2 levels in the atmosphere were comparable to those of today. The temperature on Earth 2 to 3 ° C higher than the one we currently know. And thanks to a new method, researchers at Victoria University (Australia) have just established that the sea level could rise up to 25 meters above its current level.

It is an analysis of the marine geological sediments and more particularly of the size of the particles carried by the waves which allowed them to conclude. Their work also shows that much of the rise in water levels was the result of the melting of Antarctica. The melting of Greenland would not have been at the origin of more than 5 meters of elevation on the 25 meters in total.


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