Melissa Rivers: 25 facts about me that you didn’t know (“I could have read my mother Joan Rivers’ number by the age of 8”)


A detailed resume! Melissa Rivers became famous as a TV presenter with her mother, the late Joan Rivers, when they hit the headlines for many years, criticizing the outfits of celebrities in Fashion Police as an invincible mother and daughter duo.

“If you have a good relationship with someone, you will miss them every day, especially Mom. You’ll miss them all the time.”

At the time , she added: “Grief is so isolating, but it’s universal. This is what everyone goes through at some point in their life. I can’t believe it’s been four years, especially since I’m still undergoing storage!”

The host of the podcast “Group Text with Melissa Rivers,” the mother of 21-year-old son Cooper, used her mother’s legacy as inspiration for her new memoirs. “The lies my mother told me: Tales of a short woman” will be released on Tuesday, April 12.

Scroll down to learn more about Melissa:

1. I play tennis, paddle tennis and pickleball.

2. I’ve been riding horses all my life. Now I’m learning to play polo.

3. I was an assistant coach on my son’s football team in the fourth grade. I’m a lacrosse mom now.

4. I can fall asleep anywhere — literally anywhere.

5. Therefore, I am a lover of taking a nap.

6. Green Tabasco hot sauce makes everything tastier for me.

7. I ate chocolate brownies for breakfast every day from school until I was 23.

8. I’m seriously clumsy.

9. I have a scar on my left leg from surfing.

10. I was crazy about Mark Hamill after watching the original “Star Wars”. I was wearing a Star Wars T-shirt when I met him!

11. I sang Oscar Mayer’s Bologna song at the Juilliard School audition. Surprisingly, I didn’t hit it.

12. I am a devoted Eagles fan.

13. I’m addicted to Crystal Light iced tea.

14. I can’t eat anything that looks like what it looked like when it was alive.

15. In high school, I had a summer job arranging chairs and umbrellas at a beach club.

16. I have three tattoos and an odd number of punctures in my ears.

17. I still believe that the right haircut will change my life.

18. I love cashmere sweaters.

19. A white T—shirt and jeans are my uniform.

20. Vodka and fresco are my favorite drink. I add a pinch of lime if I like.

21. I don’t like it when my products come into contact with each other on my plate.

22. I am allergic to bee stings.

23. The Thousand Islands gas station is my jam.

24. I could recite my mother Joan Rivers’ number at the age of 8 and I can still do it.

25. My first real job in the entertainment industry was as a research assistant in the 911 Rescue service. I also did an internship in college at Entertainment Tonight.