Melinda and Bill Gates: Under the Leadership of Young People, the World Will Be Stronger Than Ever


Microsoft’s founder Bill Gates and his wife Melina Gates wrote an article for students who will graduate from their schools. The Gates couple told the students who graduated from the coronavirus epidemic that the world will be much stronger in the future under the leadership of young people.

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, graduation ceremonies of many students from all over the world have been canceled. Although the ceremonies have been canceled, the students continue to graduate formally from their schools thanks to the courses that continue with distance education applications.

Melinda and Bill Gates, who announced that the foundation they founded with their own names will donate 250 million dollars to the coronavirus struggle, wrote a column addressing students who graduated from their schools during the coronavirus epidemic. Gates’ article was published in the Wall Street Journal.

Bill and Melinda Gates told 2020 graduates that they have stepped into the adult world as the world faces massive pain and economic devastation. The Gates couple, who asked what this situation meant for the next part of their life, stated that the actions of young people who are members of a global community can have a global impact.

In the article published in the Wall Street Journal, the Gates couple said to the youth, “Whatever your professional goals, wherever you are, whether you are big or small, you can participate in making the world better for everyone.”

The Gates couple acknowledges that many graduating young people are the last thing that will come to mind. Saying that young people are facing many problems such as caring for their family or paying the education loan, Gates said, “You may have to wait for bigger problems to change the world.”

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Bill and Melinda Gates couple who wrote that the world has experienced and got rid of destructive events before, also reminded that the recovery of the world from destructive situations did not happen by accident or destiny. “The survival of the world was the result of the actions of people who promised to contribute to the common task that will take us forward, no matter what they do with their lives and careers just like you,” said the Gates couple.

Bill and Melinda Gates admitted that 2020 was not an easy time in their article for 2020 graduates. The Gates couple stated that we will survive these days and that the world will be stronger than before with the leadership of young people.


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