Melbourne is the best city in the world for teleworking


Melbourne: Nestpick, the Dutch rental-on-demand platform, has compiled a global ranking with the best cities for remote work. Thus, the Australian Melbourne was considered the best place for employees to work from a distance.

The municipality scored highly in terms of habitability, safety, health, culture and leisure. In addition, the city offers the most complete infrastructure for home office.

Melbourne is also the only city in the ranking to offer a special visa for digital nomads. This specific document allows self-employed remote workers or foreigners to enter and act legally in the country.

Rio de Janeiro is the cheapest city in the ranking

The study looked at 75 cities based on locations that used to be cited as the “most livable” destinations by Nestpick users. So, they were evaluated in three categories: costs and infrastructure; legislation and privileges and habitability.

In Melbourne, the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment with home office space is €681 per month – about R$4,105. Meanwhile, Rio de Janeiro is the city with the lowest average rent: 119 euros per month (R$ 715).

Check out the global ranking with the 10 best cities for teleworking:

Melbourne, Australia;
Dubai, United Arab Emirates;
Sydney, Australia;
Talín, Estonia;
London, England;
Tokyo, Japan;
Glasgow, Scotland;
Montreal, Canada;
Berlin, Germany.


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