Melania Trump votes in Florida without a mask!


Melania Trump cast her vote in the 2020 United States elections a few hours ago in Florida, where she caused controversy by leaving without a mask.

Today is the official day of the 2020 United States elections, and millions of Americans came out to vote in the largest states of the country, such as Florida, where the first lady cast her vote.

A few hours ago the images were released where you can see Melania Trump voting in Palm Beach, Florida, where she caused controversy by appearing without a mask while casting her vote.

Despite the fact that her husband, the current president of the United States, cast his vote days ago, Melania Trump decided to wait until the official election day to make her election, something that did not go unnoticed by the media.

Melania Trump votes in Florida without a mask

Melania Trump went to a Palm Beach polling place to cast her vote in the presidential election, heading to the Morton & Barbara Mandel Recreation Center, which is very close to her residence.

The first lady of the United States was established at the ‘Mar-a-Lago’ golf club, which is owned by her husband Donald Trump, which is only a 10-minute drive from the place where she cast her vote.

Likewise, in Somagnews we discovered that the press questioned her about her decision not to vote with her husband in previous days, to which she only replied that it was election day and that she wanted to vote today.

Melania Trump’s vote generates controversy

In addition to her distancing, something that drew attention is that Melania Trump went to vote without wearing a mask despite the risk of the pandemic generated by covid-19, where even her security personnel made use of it.

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So far, the results of the 2020 United States elections, where Donald Trump seeks re-election, while Joe Biden tries to dethrone her and run as the new president, have not been revealed.


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