Melania Trump pushes her husband’s hand away


The First Lady of the United States is not recognized for her displays of affection towards her husband, Donald Trump, and she once again recurred on Sunday.

Melania refused to hold her man as multiple media filmed them at Andrews Base in Washington DC after a flight from New Jersey, videos shared on social media show.

Donald Trump and Melania were descending from Air Force One when Air Force One attempted to hold his hand. Melania “subtly pushed him away” by dodging him.

Instead, she seems to want to hold back her dress, lifted by the fairly strong winds that were blowing at the time, in addition to holding her purse.

This isn’t the first time Melania Trump has refused to hold her hand in public.

In 2017 as they arrived in Rome and got off Air Force One, she also refused to hold his hand. A few days before, she had even suddenly pushed her away.

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