Mela Pokemon Scarlet and Violet can connect TeamStar with a surprise coach Sun and Moon


About six years ago, Pokemon fans expected that the Generation 7 titles Sun and Moon would be followed by something like “Pokemon Stars“. It would have made sense as a third version similar to Pokemon Emerald and Platinum, but instead Game Freak released a reimagining of the same story through Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. The latest Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailer showed Team Star, a group of delinquents from Naranji or Uva Academy (depending on the version). The use of stars as a naming motif may be accidental, but Team Star boss Mela may offer another connection to the Sun and Moon through the mysterious Ryuki.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are the first games of the franchise with a truly open world, based on the foundations laid by Sword and Shield, as well as Legends: Arceus. Exploring the Paldea region, inspired by the Iberian Peninsula, for the independent research project “Treasure Hunt”, players will encounter the stories of “Victory Roads”, “Paths of Legends” and “Streets of Starfall” at their own pace. Starfall Street is all about Team Star battling multiple squads who are “breaking the peace and using persistent recruitment tactics.” Mela leads a squad of fire-type Shedars, and although the Team Star uniform will differ from Scarlet and Violet, her punk aesthetic may be borrowed from Ryuki, a famous rock guitarist whose home region has not yet been revealed.

Pokemon Sun and Moon’s Ryuki are underused

Over 25 years of Pokemon games, a lot of archetypal punk musician characters have appeared, from the leader of the poisonous-type gym Roxy from Unova to the leader of the dark-type gym Pierce Galar. Ryuki isn’t exactly in the same camp, as he is reportedly a world-famous rock musician, but he carries a countercultural vibe through his red leather suit inspired by the Turtonator shell.

Ryuki is a Dragon type expert representing typing in Alola, where no other coach in Island Challenge or Elite Four uses them in the first place. In Sun and Moon, his role is to claim the status of a player’s league champion. After players have defeated the Elite Four once, their subsequent battles for champions are randomly selected from a pool of coaches, including Professor Kikei, former Team Skull member Plumeria and young Tristan from Route 1. During this match, Ryuki reveals that he had to fight his way up the music charts and “walk through the sea” to spread his fame in Alola.

Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon give Ryuki a bit more work as he appears in a replica of the Kantonian Gym in Mali City (based on the infamous Lieutenant Serge’s trash can puzzle). He comments on the desire to become a dragon-type leader if Alola creates real gyms, which, in fact, is his role in Pokemon the Series: Sun & Moon. Ryuki also makes a brief appearance at the Summer Superstars 2020 Pokemon Masters EX event, performing alongside Roxy at a music festival where they face off against summer-themed protagonist Lyra and champion Stephen Stone – a “star from Hoenn” who obviously knows his music.

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Possible connections of Ryuki with Mela in “Scarlet and Purple”

Although Ryuki gets a bit more stats, Mela from Team Star can give another window into his backstory. The official biography of the character on the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet website states that she is the best “all-rounder” in Team Star, who solves problems in a dedicated and tough way that has earned the respect of her teammates. She rides a Starmobile, which apparently acts as an extra Pokemon for each squad’s boss, but fights with the help of a Torcoal.

The use of fire-type Pokemon turtles is one of the superficial connections between Mela and Ryuki, since the Turtonator is a monster of double fire and dragon types. As for their design, both characters also have red hair with off-white highlights (one could even argue that Mela’s light top matches the Turtonator more), and they wear red and black boots with spikes. The chalk has a more fiery pattern on the shoes compared to the smaller spikes of the Ryuki, but the comparison deserves attention.

This Team Star is an “evil” organization, more like Team Skull or Team Yell; criminals create problems rather than find a way to destroy the planet; it’s easy to imagine that their rebellious spirit comes from a less popular culture. Ryuki may say that he is famous (which is confirmed by the dubious canon of spin-offs), but this may mean that he has found a niche in his home region of Paldea, which he hoped to extend to Alola. If he was born in Paldea, Mela’s attitude could have been partly shaped by his early music, which explains their similar aesthetics and choices in Pokemon. Fans will just have to wait and see if Game Freak makes that connection in Scarlet and Violet.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released on November 18 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.


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