Who is Mejiwoo, J-Hope’s older sister


Jung Daewon, BTS’s Hoseok’s older sister has been known to earn her place as a designer, model and influencer. Find out who Jiwoo , J-Hope’s older sister , is .

Although the boys of BTS do not usually talk so much about their brothers, the little that is known is that they all have a great family that supports them in their career, in their decisions and are at every important step in their lives.


One of the most famous relatives of the boys of Big Hit Entertainment is Jung Dawon, the older sister of J-Hope , who is well known on social networks and has earned the love of fandom for her sympathy and style.



Sister J-Hope was born on 11 February 1990 in the city of Gwangju in Korea of the South , its sign Zodiac is Aquarius , she grew with the member of BTS and thanks to their bond strong are very close.


Hoseok’s sister’s real name is Jung Dawon , she is a professional model, designer, businesswoman, and influencer who started her career in mid- 2016 , having been quite successful in each of those areas.

It was not until 2018 that J-Hope’s sister started her own clothing brand ‘Mejiwoo’, although her nickname is also better known and affectionately named, she is the image of her products modeling all clothing and accessories. that she creates.


The fame has made the sister of Hobi has more than 3.6 million followers on her personal account Instagram , @mejiwoo103, this is the social network that’s used to promote your clothing and your website, your post is seen to be a very sweet and cute girl.

Currently Jiwoo is 30 years old , which means that it takes 4 years for J-Hope who was born in 1994 , Jiwoo in her love life is very hermetic, she does not know a partner or boyfriend so far.



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