Mejiwoo announced that she will marry soon


J-Hope’s sister announced one of the most important celebrations of her life: her wedding. Jung Jiwoo is not only known for being Hoseok’s sister, she is a young entrepreneur who runs her own store and clothing brand, is the oldest of the brothers in the family and is about to live one of the most beautiful and serious about love life, we tell you what you should know.


Jung Jiwoo or Mejiwoo, has become known for her Instagram account, being a great Korean fashion influencer, Hobi’s sister decided to do a live broadcast, as well as a question and answer session and confessed that she and her current boyfriend are planning to get married. Whaaaaat!

ARMY shared messages of congratulations and support for the Bangtan idol’s sister on social media. Mejiwoo shared the news and explained that the ceremony will be held in 2021, probably in the fall and since J-Hope is a recognized star he could be the MC, Master of Ceremonies at the wedding, just like Jin did with his brother.

Mejiwoo also decided to share with the fans her love story, in which she seems to have taken the first step, explained that she and her boyfriend had been flirting, but she was not very clear about what kind of relationship they had and dared to ask her what It happened between them and that was how they formalized their relationship.

About her partner, Mejiwoo assured that he is the ideal man for her, so ARMY is really happy that she has found the right person to take that important step and say yes at the altar. Regarding her engagement ring, she did not give details, although in some of her photos she shows one in gold on the right ring finger.

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Korean weddings are not the same as traditional weddings, there are no large parties or ceremonies, many times the guests are less than 100, even 50 people, in addition, you can attend with informal clothes, since they do not last many hours. J-Hope could headline the celebration, as well as having her fellow BTS members as guests.


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