Meizu Launches First Product Supporting Huawei’s HarmonyOS


Meizu: The Chinese manufacturer Meizu presented this Monday (31) a new line of devices that include smartphones and a smartwatch. However, the most curious model is also the simplest: a smart light bulb installed in the ceiling of homes.

The differential of the new Lipro LED is in the future: for now, the lamp is compatible with management via the Huawei HiLink Eco application. However, it will also be made available as one of the first products that will run HarmonyOS, the future proprietary operating system from Huawei.

This is the manufacturer’s great weapon to grow in the software sector and depend less and less on the mobile device market, which has fallen after bans such as the use of the Android ecosystem.

HarmonyOS 2.0 should also be used on smartphones from other companies, but Meizu, for the time being, follows with a custom Android skin on mobile phones. Adoption will be, at least initially, in Internet of Things (IoT) products for use in smart, connected homes.

Lipro LED

In terms of functionality, the Lipro LED offers color rendering in the Ra97 standard, which reduces the intensity of blue light, as well as keeping the ambient coloring smooth and better distributed throughout the site.

The model is sold in 40 cm and 50 cm versions, offering easy installation and a mechanism that prevents insects inside. Prices range from 799 yuan (approximately R$650 in direct currency conversion) to 999 yuan (R$815), and the device is initially expected to be sold only in the Chinese market.


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