Meghan Markle’s reasons for leaving the UK


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have not had a good time in the months leading up to their departure from Windsor Castle. Following the official announcement of their resignation from the duties and rights of the British Crown, the couple ran to take refuge in Canada prior to their final transfer to Los Angeles, the former actress’s homeland and current place of residence. The author of her biography, Omid Scobie confessed to The Times that the ex-royals have no intention of returning to their former lives.

Many of the “True Love” actress’s close friends told the Sunday Times that Prince Harry’s wife was certain there was a plot against him. According to her statements, the former royal did everything possible to integrate into the life of the Royal Family, however she could not feel comfortable since she was not used to that rhythm of life. In addition, they added that the couple began looking for a home in the United States a long time ago.

The plans of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were rushed when, after the big wedding and with little Archie on the way, the Duchess of Sussex continued her days with the discomfort of not being able to feel comfortable with her new home. Since they settled in Frogmore, the mansion that Queen Elizabeth II gave them, the royal couple had been lost in front of so many fields and distant houses. Although the Royal Family was nearby, Prince William’s sister-in-law was no longer at ease.

Another reason why they abdicated was the need of the former actress for “Suits” due to the impossibility of working and having her own salary, something she was used to from an early age. According to the biographer, the Dukes of Sussex already had in mind to withdraw from this life of luxury and royalty from the first days. In addition to the financial shocks he had, the writer claims that Markle missed her mother too much.


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