Meghan Markle’s “Forgotten Terrible Bosses” Cameo — Who Did She Play


Even fans of “Obnoxious Bosses” tend to forget that Meghan Markle had a short role in a popular comedy — that’s the explanation of her character. “Horrible Bosses” came in the same era of comedy that was sparked by the unexpected success of “The Hangover,” which usually featured middle-aged friends who got into a wild adventure. “Terrible Bosses” was led by Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis, although the show was stolen by Jennifer Aniston and Colin Farrell, who opposed typical performances as the main villains.

The film was successful enough to even spawn a rare comedic sequel, although 2014’s “Terrible Bosses 2” earned only about half of the original, making “Terrible Bosses 3” unlikely. Interestingly, the sequel also talked about a cross-cameo from the cast of “Bachelor Party in Hops” to establish that they happen in the same world, although in the end this did not happen. What’s interesting to note in “Terrible Bosses”, looking back, is that it featured an early role of Meghan Markle.

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Meghan Markle is now known for her marriage to Prince Harry, and before “Obnoxious Bosses” she appeared in small roles in such TV shows as “C.S.I.: Miami, 90210”, and starred in two episodes of “The Edge”. Horrible Bosses was a rare role for Markle in the movie, where she played Jamie, a FedEx courier. In this scene, Jason Sudeikis’ Kurt talks about his work, and when he sees Jamie waiting for a signature on a package she delivers, he immediately jumps over. After an awkward attempt at flirting, Jamie quickly brushes him off and leaves, unaware that Ted Lasso star Kurt Sudeikis didn’t actually sign the delivery, so she may have to come back.

Despite this setup, Jamie Markle no longer appears in Horrible Bosses. Despite the fact that it was a small role, the actor later joined the cast of “Force Majeure” in 2011 in the role of Rachel Zane. Rachel was the main character of the series until season 7, when she and Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) got married and moved to Seattle together.

In addition to the role of Meghan Markle in “Terrible Bosses,” the actor appeared in other films such as “Dysfunctional Friends,” the 2013 romantic comedy “Random Encounters” and the 2015 thriller “Antisocial,” before retiring from the game after season 7 of “Force Majeure.” Meghan Markle’s role in “Terrible Bosses” was very short. that people tend to completely forget about it, and since she’s so famous now, it seems strange that she gets a performance that seems to create a comeback that doesn’t happen.