Meghan Markle’s first victory over Associated Newspapers


Former Duchess Meghan Markle wins first battle in her war against Associated Newspapers! We reveal everything to you.

Meghan Markle has just won a battle against Associated Newspapers!

She wins a battle but not the war. Archie’s new mom can still breathe a bit.

She has just won her case against Associated Newspapers Limited. You should know that this is the parent company of British tabloids. Namely The Mail on Sunday or Mail Online.

This Thursday, February 11, Meghan Markle can therefore congratulate herself on having won this first showdown with the British press. The young woman blamed the media for making a letter to her father public.

She therefore accuses them of invasion of privacy. Judge Mark Warby therefore recognized that the publication of this said letter constitutes a violation of the young woman’s privacy.

But the soap opera of this famous letter is only in its infancy! Indeed, the same judge still expressed doubts about the author of the letter.

Thus, the British justice must look into the subject. Did Meghan Markle write this letter on her own?

Or did she call in Jason Knauf, the former communications secretary to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Thus, the latter would be co-author of the letter the actress wrote to Thomas Markle, her father.

What can this change for the new mother? We will explain everything to you.


While the young woman will not be forced into a legal confrontation with her father, the case does not appear to be closed. Another trial to determine the copyright of this private letter will indeed take place.

As explained above, the judge would have doubts about the author of this text which has caused so much ink to flow. Thus, Meghan Markle would not have written it alone but with the help of Jason Knauf.

The latter is also part of the “Palace Four”. It includes Christian Jones, Jason Knauf’s assistant. But also Samantha Cohen, ex-private secretary of the couple and Sara Latham, ex-director of communications.

The four were therefore allegedly involved in the drafting of the famous letter from Prince Harry’s wife. They were also prepared to testify in Meghan Markle’s trial against Associated Newspapers.

But they don’t want to be more involved! Their lawyers defend the fact that they were only doing their job. “They have no interest in helping either party to the proceedings. »They explain.

It should be noted that the group no longer works for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex since the latter decided to leave their royal duties. Isn’t this new trial likely to rekindle tensions with the royal family? Case to be continued.


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