Meghan Markle’s father advises her to go help the royal family

Meghan Markle’s father advises her to go help the royal family. In an interview with Mirror, Meghan Markle’s father advised his daughter to go to England to help the royal family!

The relationship between Meghan Markle and her father, Thomas, did not fail to deteriorate progressively years. The man never misses an opportunity to tackle his daughter openly in public. Sometimes they use the media to get it down a bit more.

But this time, he urged Meghan Markle to go and help the royal family. It must be said that England, like the whole world, is deeply affected by the coronavirus epidemic . Several important members have already been infected.

This is particularly the case for Prime Minister Boris Johnson. But that’s not all. Prince Charle, heir to the crown, also contracted the coronavirus . Meghan Markle’s father then confided that the place of Prince Harry and his daughter was with the royal family.

In an interview with Mirror, Meghan Markle said: “I think Meghan and Harry should return to the royal family in the UK. They must support the Queen . ”

The father of Meghan Markle also added : “I think they should be in England now. Not in Los Angeles. They can go back to showbusiness. And make tons of money when the virus goes away . ”

Finally, Thomas Markle concluded : “But they will never find the respect they would have as full members of the royal family ” .

In an interview with the Telegraph, a friend of the couple also explained: “Currently, Meghan and Harry are just worried about their health and everyone’s safety. It’s a scary time . ”

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The source also revealed, “They are more concerned with knowing what is going to happen in the world rather than themselves. She says she didn’t mean to hurt by leaving without Archie. But assure that it made no sense to take her. And endanger it . “



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