Meghan Markle will give an interview on her exile


After Prince Harry, it’s up to Meghan Markle, to speak about her exile. The duchess has already chosen to whom she was going to give this interview.

Meghan Markle is ready to speak. After her husband speaks , the Duchess of Sussex comes out of the silence and goes to give an interview . According to the DailyMail, she would have already chosen someone to lead this exchange.

Sunday, January 19, Prince Harry explained his shock decision. Earlier this month, the Sussex couple announced their desire to set sail and distance themselves from the Windsor clan. Indeed, Harry said that he had “no other options” and that it was “sad to get there” . However, he did not quite convince his audience.

In addition, the couple is still in talks with Queen Elizabeth II over their Megxit. Regarding the main interested, Meghan Markle , it is her turn to break the silence. It is therefore a famous American animator who will conduct the interview . Contrary to what one might have thought, it is not about Oprah Winfrey.

One would have thought that the Duchess would have chosen to speak at the Oprah Show. We know that the host already supported him for his decision. However, Meghan turned to another person. According to the DailyMail, Meghan Markle would have chosen Ellen DeGeneres as host . At least that is what she would have confided to those close to her.

According to the DailyMail source, Ellen and Meghan have already discussed this. This interview would even be in the pipes “for some time now” . Ellen would be a trustworthy person for Meghan. “She understands her suffering,” said the same source. In addition, Meghan Markle would have asked that this interview be done far from the set of the Ellen Show . A precautionary measure, perhaps. Case to follow…

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