Meghan Markle will “finally restore the truth” in his biography!


Meghan Markle will make a lot of noise with her biography. Indeed, the exit from it is imminent and is likely to be talked about. For the Duchess of Sussex, this will be an opportunity to “reestablish the truth”.

Harry and his wife Meghan Markle are not in such good shape these days. Partly because of their hasty departure from Buckingham.

Yes, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex wanted to embrace a new life, far from scandals and tabloids. A decision that was not unanimous!

Since then, their story has inspired two journalists, who decided to make a biography of it. “Finding Freedom” will be released in early August, and aims to lift the veil on the real Meghan Markle.

Indeed, the scandal press has not been very forthcoming about it. And the Duchess wants to restore her coat of arms today.

Besides, this work is reminiscent of that of her late stepmother, Lady Di. A book that had already made a lot of noise in 1992, as recalled by our colleagues from Pure People.

According to a friend of Meghan Markle, interviewed by the Daily Mail, this book will indeed “re-establish the truth”. “If Meghan could do it her way, the book would be published tomorrow, not three months from now,” he said.

“She said the book was finally going to set the record straight and show the world why they had no choice but to leave the royal life,” he said. Thus, we will know more about the real reasons for the Megxit.

For her part, Meghan Markle wishes at all costs “to break this image of demanding diva who was rude with the royal employees and consorts, in his quest for glory and power”.

All that remains is to wait until August 11 to find out the whole truth. And nothing but the truth!


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