Meghan Markle: what names have been considered?


Meghan Markle is expecting a happy event. And to this day, everyone is wondering what name the Duchess will give to her future baby!

This is the news of the moment. Yes, Meghan Markle is pregnant again! Right now, the media and bookies are all trying to guess the name of her unborn baby. MCE TV shows you everything.

Pink notebook for the Sussex couple! On February 14, Meghan Markle and Harry announced in a statement that they would expand their family with the arrival of a new baby.

“We can confirm that Archie will be a big brother. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are delighted to be expecting their 2nd child, ”the couple’s spokesperson said.

Internet users were able to admire the Duchess’s baby bump thanks to a photo that the Sussexes agreed to share on the Web. In the photo in question, Archie’s parents seem happier than ever.

In any case, their happiness delighted their fans. For several months now, the Sussexes have been living completely secluded in their pretty villa in Montecito.

Under attack from all sides, Meghan Markle and Harry are now working to preserve their privacy. Over the past year, they have moved the world by sharing the fact that the Duchess had miscarried.

“I felt a big cramp. I let myself fall gently on the ground, Archie in my arms (…) ”, she confided in the columns of the“ New York Times ”. But also: “I knew, while having my 1st child in my arms, that I was losing the 2nd”.


Meghan Markle and Harry should therefore welcome their second child in 2021. For the moment, no one knows the gender of her unborn baby.

But be aware that bookmakers are in the startings-blocks. All the bets are already on!

To date, many believe that Meghan Markle and Harry will give their 2nd child a rather original name. Last I heard, punters were betting on “Alfie” if the Duchess is expecting a boy, and “Alexandra” if it’s a little girl.

On social networks, Twittos are convinced that the Sussexes could pay homage to their ancestors by using, for example, the first names of Prince Harry’s grandparents. Like “Elizabeth” and “Philip” as the “Daily Mail” points out.

In any case for this new pregnancy, Meghan Markle will certainly be very discreet. As a reminder, the Duchess had had a terrible time being constantly in the spotlight while pregnant with Archie.

“Any woman, when she is pregnant, is vulnerable. It’s a big challenge (…) “, had delivered Prince George’s aunt to” ITV “in 2019.” Especially when you’re a woman, that’s a lot. And add to that being a young mother and a young bride (…) “.

And to conclude: “Few people ask me if I’m fine. It’s something real happening behind the scenes ”. We hope that this time, she will have a safe pregnancy!


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