Meghan Markle was inspired by Lady Diana for her look!


Lady Diana seems to be an inspiration for Meghan Markle. During her interview for CNN, a small detail intrigued her fans!

Meghan Markle continues to fascinate tabloids around the world! In December for her interview with CNN, Archie’s mom seems to have taken inspiration from Lady Diana’s style.

For several months, Meghan Markle has been living as a recluse with Prince Harry in their sublime villa in Montecito. However, he also sometimes grants previously unseen interviews with various journalists.

As proof last December, the young woman spoke exclusively with CNN. In the midst of the pandemic, she wanted to salute the work of “shadow heroes” who are scrambling to help the population. And that’s not all !

To make this video, Meghan Markle also settled in her pretty garden. “Probably in her Californian property of 14 million dollars acquired with Prince Harry”, thus delivered the Daily Mail.

In order not to change, Prince Harry’s wife has gone for style. Indeed, she bet on a low bun to perfect her hairstyle.

Archie’s mom also opted for a powder pink blouse that had a ponytail collar. And this ultra trendy outfit has been worn many times – in the past – by the “princess of hearts”.


As a reminder, the lavallière collar is often very popular with members of the Windsor clan. Like a true fashionista, Lady Diana wore countless pieces of this style.

She would have launched this fashion in the UK. On a daily basis, Meghan Markle seems to be inspired by the clothing choices of Harry’s mom.

Just like Kate Middleton. It is not uncommon to see the two women wearing looks very similar to the latter’s.

Many years after her death, Lady Diana remains a fashion icon! It’s not Meghan Markle who will say otherwise.


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