Meghan Markle was going to sniff Harry!


Prince Harry’s biographer thinks Meghan Markle is leading him by the nose! We’ll give you more details. Prince Harry would he be under the influence of his wife Meghan Markle?

Angela Levin is the author of an official 2018 biography on The Duke and Duchess of Sussex. As the Megxit’s first anniversary draws near, the biographer recently published an op-ed on Prince Harry.

Angela Levin doesn’t mince words. In fact, she doesn’t hide her disappointment over some of Prince Harry’s decisions either.

She therefore does not hesitate to point the finger at the influence that Meghan Markle could have on her husband. And it must be said that for Angela Levin this one is negative!

She specifies indeed, that Prince Harry would have adopted “obediently” the ways of Meghan Markle. The Prince would even live in the shadow of his wife.


The article is titled “How America Changed Prince Harry” and looks back on the departure of Meghan Markle and the Prince from the Royal Family. In her editorial, Angela Levin is convinced that Archie’s father has become a shadow of himself.

She says the Prince was before anyone accessible and connected to people of all ages and types. “He seems to have given up his life as a man of action to become a wacky benefactor. »She specifies.

The author also said she was shocked that Prince Harry had even changed his accent to “adapt” to the language of the American West Coast. She thus affirms that “her Californian transition is well advanced”.

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Angela Levin finally takes on the contracts signed by the Prince and Meghan Markle to launch their careers. We think of the one that links them to Netflix and Spotify.

She sees here an unbearable indecency. Especially in this period when “hundreds of thousands of people see themselves falling into precariousness”. The journalist then regrets the Prince


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