Meghan Markle: this violent sport that she loves to practice!


Meghan Markle therefore no longer seems to be a surprise. From actress to princess, then back to Los Angeles: the star knows how to turn heads… This time, we discover a rather amazing favorite sport!

Because before becoming Harry’s wife, the young lady had a great career. Suits flagship actress, she speaks several languages ​​and practices yoga on a regular basis…

It must also be said that Meghan Markle’s mother is a yoga teacher. It helps. But far from the calm and the breathing of yogis, the princess also notes another sport in her CV … Much more surprising!

This small brunette of 1.68m, calm, indeed practices kickboxing! The princess therefore knows how to align kicks, punches and knees! A little surprise for a real fighter in life…

But people who know it are not at all surprised! Jorge Blanco coached Meghan during the filming of Suits. When he talks about her at Vanity Fair, she takes on a different face …

The princess loves sport … And her trainer remembers it! “I trained Meghan when she was in Toronto. We did a bit of martial arts, a little boxing and sometimes kickboxing. ”

All at the same time … Meghan Markle hides her game well. “I never really thought that she could end up becoming a princess”, he even dares to swing in the media!

Jorge Blanco thus describes the personality of the duchess. “I had a great time training her because she is super nice and speaks Spanish, with an Argentinian accent. »Details rather overlooked…

Which completely break the image of Meghan Markle’s fragile little thing! Tender wife of Harry, the actress knows how to assert herself, to defend herself … But above all to break the clichés that we carry on her.


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